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The Vision of FloCademy

A learning and skill development program created to exhilarate you and drive success in your professional and personal life. Work with peers and professional coaches to ignite your creativity, propel your business, and nurture your life’s Flo.

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Our Memberships

As a FloCademate, join a community of real estate professionals to identify strengths, overcome barriers, and achieve financial success. Choose from our Undergraduate or Graduate Programs for ongoing valuable resources, including 8-Course PodClass Sessions, small group coaching, and interviews with industry experts. Access our Navigator Program for daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual accountability tools to stay on track with your goals. New content and learning opportunities are continuously updated.

What is Flo?

The practice of Flo is to have a harmonious relationship with work and personal life, so as you go through your days, there is a synchronicity in all your waking hours. Life is a journey, and while it is not always easy, when you are in Flo, life becomes more rewarding as you live in the moment, and as the pieces begin to fit together, challenges that used to baffle you become easier to overcome. You are happier, better equipped to handle what comes your way, and in a better place to be of maximum service to others.

Nothing worth having is easy but when you put in the work throughout the FloCademy experience, the rewards are many.

What our Members say


I didn’t think I needed a coach but when those fearful moments and feelings of inadequacy would creep into my head, FloCademy flipped my mindset around without being patronizing, demeaning, or anything in between. Once I applied Flo to my personal and professional life, everything seemed clear and easier to accomplish.


I was overwhelmed with minutia. I felt like I was on a treadmill going nowhere. Once I started working with FloCademy, I was able to develop a rhythm. I feel like a new person, loving my work instead of dreading it. It wasn’t easy, but it has paid off and I am supported and engaged.

– Michael