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Kevin J Koerner

Kevin was Director of Strategic Coaching for the Western United States for a large public company for over 2 years. He was also a managing partner in a large independent brokerage in San Francisco, Kevin spearheaded a series of agent development sessions based on the philosophy of building relationships, listening to the client and focusing on business organization. He continues to practice real estate in the Coachella Valley and remains active in transactions, allowing his coaching to be current, approachable, and relevant.

Professional Real Estate Coaching
Kevin has coached over 300 US based Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Sales Managers. He has a collaborative approach and proves growth through accountability and skill development.
Team Development
Kevin works with partnerships and teams to develop a streamlined system that creates team member responsibility, accountability, and cohesion within the team.
Career Coaching
Kevin helps his clients achieve new career opportunities that follow passion and understanding of the personal “why”, and guides his client’s to identify their core values as the basis for growth.
Business Planning
Kevin has worked with hundreds of agents and brokers in working through a systematic approach to business planning based on past production, and goals for the planning cycle. The finished plan is a living document that can be adjusted on market conditions, and simple enough to guide your day, week, quarter, and year.


Rick Warner

Rick has been in real estate since 2004. He remains in the trenches with his own business, regularly in the top 1% of the country in total sales volume. He eagerly shares his systems that he has in place to keep his own team and FloCademates in the Flo.

Real Estate Trainer
A trainer and developer of programs for over 10 years, Rick maintains a passion for helping other professionals achieve success giving him great strength as a business coach.
For Rick, mentorship is all about the relationship. Role modeling and providing guidance, motivation, and emotional support leads clients to their own critical decisions to better manage their business.
A trainer and developer of programs for over 10 years, Rick maintains a passion for helping other professionals achieve success giving him great strength as a business coach.
Rick was a Broker/Owner of a boutique real estate company in the California wine country gives Rick first-hand perspective on guiding a team to productive success.


Nicole Evans

Nicole has worked in real estate since 2019 as a Production Partner and Buyer’s Agent. She has recently moved to the West Coast from Central Oklahoma and brings her southern charm and hospitality with her. Nicole has 13 years of customer service background and has carried that into her relationships with clients. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has continued her education through various lifestyle and business coaching programs. For Nicole, collaboration and teamwork are driving factors in all areas of success. Surrounding herself with those who lift her up and teaching those around her to do the same.

Nothing worth having is easy but when you put in the work throughout the FloCademy experience, the rewards are many.